There are many ways to wellness.

Find yours with Wayspring.

Wayspring is a new way to find better

home life. relationships. purpose. community. todays.

Wayspring is a new way to find better home liferelationshipspurposecommunitytodays.

We help people living with substance use disorder make today better than yesterday. Here’s how:

We can give you someone to talk to. Or at. Or with.

We call them your Care Team. Whether you just need someone to listen, or you need some ideas about what’s next for you, they’re here for you.

Together, we can figure out your next step.

Healthcare shouldn’t be complicated. But it is. We can help you figure out your options for getting healthy, whatever that looks like for you.

We can get you back in the game. (Of life.)

Substance use disorder doesn’t have to make you feel like you’re watching life on the sidelines. You can get your life back. And we can help.

It’s time to reimagine substance use disorder treatment.

Approximately 20 million Americans live with a substance use disorder. Wellness looks different for each and every one of them. Many think there is only a one-size-fits all approach to wellness. But in reality, there are many ways to wellness, and not every way works for every person. That’s why we provide individualized care, delivered with a peer-centered approach. It’s also why we focus on making sure patients have their basic needs met, like access to care, economic stability, and connection to relationships and community. Then we help each person find their own way to wellness.

Recovery isn’t a destination. It’s a journey. Wayspring helps you walk it.

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We're building a growing group of world-changing partners.

People living with substance use disorder (SUD) have specific needs that often go unmet by traditional treatment models. That’s why we’ve spent the last decade building a new model. And we're not doing it alone. If you’re a health plan or provider who wants to help us transform recovery management, we should talk.

We help providers deliver better outcomes.

Wayspring helps care providers treat patients with SUD more effectively by extending their reach. Better for patients, better for providers, better for outcomes. That's the new way to wellness.

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We give health plans a new standard of SUD care.

We deliver member management with guaranteed results. We do it with customized care delivered with a peer-centered approach. That means better todays and tomorrows for more plan members.

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Meet the Team

Meet some of our team members who are helping people with SUD build better todays.



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Peer Recovery Specialist


Peer Recovery Specialist


Peer Recovery Specialist



Peer Recovery Specialist


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