Commitment to Compassion: A Clinical Care Navigator’s Story at Wayspring

In the heart of Wayspring’s mission to transform healthcare for those battling substance use disorder (SUD), stands Dana, a dedicated Clinical Care Navigator in our Indianapolis clinic. Dana’s unique role within Wayspring underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive, compassionate care that meets patients exactly where they are in their recovery journey. 

A Unique Approach to Patient Care 

Dana’s journey in healthcare, from primary care to population health, has culminated in her pivotal role at Wayspring, where she works hand-in-hand with nurse practitioners and the engagement team to deliver full-service care. “I worked in primary care for years,” Dana shares, “but Wayspring is different. We meet patients where they’re at, as opposed to getting them where we want them to be.” 

This patient-centered philosophy is what sets Wayspring apart. It’s not about imposing a predetermined path; it’s about supporting each individual’s unique journey to recovery. “You know we’re here to pick you up when you stumble. We’re not gonna turn our backs; we’re just gonna continue to support you throughout the whole process,” Dana explains, highlighting the supportive, non-judgmental approach that defines Wayspring’s care model. 

Inspiring Stories of Recovery 

Dana’s work often involves guiding patients through the healthcare system, many of whom are navigating life after incarceration or dealing with the challenges of SUD. “My role with members involves a lot of taking time and educating and being patient,” she says, acknowledging the importance of understanding and patience in her role.  

The stories of struggle, drive, and determination she witnesses daily are not only eye-opening but deeply inspiring. Dana recalls the story of a standout patient, emphasizing, “He says, ‘you guys never give up on me. My mom gave up, my dad gave up, but you guys never do.’ That means a lot.” 

A Personal Connection to Recovery 

Dana’s passion for her work is deeply personal. With a family history touched by alcoholism, she understands firsthand the impact of support and compassion. “My dad was an alcoholic for a long time. He’s been sober for 35 years now,” she reflects. This personal connection to recovery drives her commitment to supporting those who often feel unsupported, underscoring her belief in second chances and the power of persistence. 

Building a Community of Support 

What truly distinguishes Wayspring is its community-driven ethos. Dana highlights the collaborative spirit that permeates the organization, allowing for continuous idea sharing and support across different markets. “It’s very community-driven… there’s definitely a lot of collaboration just across the board,” she notes, emphasizing the inclusive, accepting environment that Wayspring fosters not just for patients, but for its employees as well. 

A Commitment to Compassion and Understanding 

Dana’s journey at Wayspring is a testament to the transformative power of compassionate, individualized care in the realm of SUD treatment. Her story is a testament to Wayspring’s mission to not only treat the condition but to care for the person as a whole. Through her eyes, we see the impact of a healthcare approach that prioritizes understanding, patience, and unwavering support. 

For those navigating the challenging path of recovery, Dana McKinney and the Wayspring team stand ready to offer a guiding hand, a listening ear, and a heart full of compassion. It’s not just about recovery; it’s about rediscovering hope and the possibility of a brighter, healthier future. Use our 5-question member eligibility tool to find if you’re eligible to enroll in our no-cost services!