Wayspring Expands Its Reach in Kentucky through a New Partnership with Aetna Better Health of Kentucky

Innovative SUD Home program to broaden access to treatment and social support resources for Kentuckians with substance use issues  


Nashville, TN, March 1, 2024 Wayspring, a leader in providing comprehensive substance use disorder (SUD) care, is proud to announce its latest partnership with Aetna Better Health of Kentucky. This collaboration signifies a major expansion of Wayspring’s SUD Home program in Kentucky, aiming to extend its life-changing services to more individuals across the state.  

The SUD Home program, known for its holistic approach to combating SUD, integrates clinical care with an understanding of social determinants of health (SDoH), offering tailored solutions that address the unique needs of each member. With the support of Aetna Better Health of Kentucky, Wayspring is set to enhance its impact, offering accessible, value-based care to a broader population in need.  

“Teaming up with Wayspring aligns perfectly with our mission of fostering healthier communities,” said Aetna Better Health of Kentucky CEO Paige Franklin Mankovich. “We are so excited to expand our reach and deepen our impact together. By bringing together Wayspring’s pioneering SUD Home program and our extensive network and resources, we’re not just addressing substance use disorders—we’re creating pathways to recovery, resilience, and wellness for countless Kentuckians.“ 

The collaboration between Wayspring and Aetna Better Health of Kentucky is more than an expansion of services; it’s a commitment to addressing the intricate challenges of SUD with a program that has proven successful.  In June 2023, Kentucky Gov. Andy Beshear released the 2022 Overdose Fatality Report, stating that there has been a decline of more than 5% of deaths due to overdose when compared with the previous year. This is the first decline since 2018, proving that the state is making strides in the right direction, thanks to programs like Wayspring’s SUD Home.  

Carter Paine, CEO of Wayspring, comments on the partnership, “Working with Aetna Better Health of Kentucky represents a significant step in our mission to combat the SUD crisis in Kentucky. This collaboration broadens our reach in Kentucky and strengthens our resolve to provide comprehensive care to those battling substance use challenges.”  

As Wayspring continues to grow its presence and partnerships, its dedication to transforming lives through innovative SUD care remains steadfast. This partnership with Aetna Better Health of Kentucky marks another stride towards a future where effective, compassionate SUD treatment is accessible to all.  

For more information about Wayspring and the SUD Home program or to verify program eligibility, please visit wayspring.com 




About Wayspring   

Wayspring is a value-based healthcare organization that provides medical, behavioral health, and social support services to people with complex needs. With a focus on people living with substance use disorder, Wayspring utilizes a comprehensive and longitudinal model that incorporates targeted member outreach, strategic provider partnerships, community-based peer support, and delivery of clinical services. Through this unique approach, Wayspring produces increased adherence to evidence-based medicine, decreased healthcare waste, and improved health outcomes. For more information, please visit wayspring.com.   


About Aetna Medicaid 

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