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What is Overdose?

What is Overdose Overdose, also commonly referred to as OD, is a life-threatening medical condition that occurs when there is too much of something within a person’s body Most often, overdoses... more

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5 Facts to Know about Depression

Depression is a common mental condition that affects as many as 300 million people around the globe at any given time Despite its prevalence, there are a lot of misconceptions or myths regarding... more

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Talking about your addiction with lov...

Substance use disorder is one of the most stigmatized health conditions in existence and that can make it difficult to talk about with friends, family, or loved ones However, in many circumstances,... more

Fee-for-Service vs. Episodic vs. Full...

Substance use disorder (SUD) is markedly different from most other chronic conditions in that most people with it are not actively engaged in routine care Data shows that approximately eight out of... more

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When Should I go to the Emergency Room?

Is it an emergency Sometimes it can be hard to know the answer, but we are here to help you choose the right level of care for all your health needs  It is important to know when a health condition... more

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What is MAT?

MAT is an abbreviation that stands for Medication Assisted Treatment, one of the many ways a person can get help for their substance use disorder Just like medication is often used to treat other... more

PTSD Awareness

Since 2014, National PTSD Awareness Month has been observed each June, establishing a time for people working in the mental health field and the general public to be more intentional with raising... more

What are Social Determinants of Health?

Social Determinants of Health (SDoH) are the non-medical elements in a person’s life that still play an important role in determining their overall health and quality-of-life For many years, social... more

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Five Ways to Help Relieve Stress

At some point or another, we can all feel stressed out It’s not a great feeling, but did you know it can also contribute to other health problems It’s true! Our mental health, including the... more

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April 30 is National Prescription Dru...

National Prescription Drug Take Back Day takes place this year on Saturday, April 30 National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is a nationwide event where communities across the country come together... more

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What is Substance Use Disorder (SUD)?

There is a lot of information in the world about substance use disorder, and this can make it difficult to decipher between fact and fiction But Wayspring is here to set the record straight So... more

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