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You’re not alone. We’re in this together and we’ve got success stories and resources we want to share with you. Watch the latest success story testimonials of people just like you.


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Turning Pain into Purpose: A Member Engagement Specialist’s Inspiring Journey
Turning Pain into Purpose: A Member E...

In the heart of adversity lies the potential for profound transformation This is the essence of the journey Cindy, a Wayspring Member Outreach Specialist, shares with us Growing up in a world where... more

Why I Chose Wayspring: Tomi’s J...

In the world of healthcare, especially in the realm of Substance Use Disorder (SUD) treatment, the choice of where to work can significantly impact both the provider and the patients they serve For... more

Commitment to Compassion: A Clinical ...

In the heart of Wayspring's mission to transform healthcare for those battling substance use disorder (SUD), stands Dana, a dedicated Clinical Care Navigator in our Indianapolis clinic Dana's unique... more